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Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:00 à 18:00, et, samedi et dimanche, entre 9:00 et 17:00, vous recevrez une soumission dans l'heure. Sinon, après 18:00 en semaine ou après 17:00 en fin de semaine, nous vous répondrons à l'ouverture le lendemain. Merci.
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If you are moving between June 14 and July 3, please click here to see our rates for the high-season (on a page in French) or fill our form to get a quote (on a page in English). The 3rd option being to call us at 514.699.5904 to get us to answer your questions in English. Thanks.

Montreal and surroundings

We offer a broad range of moving services. Some conditions concerning dates and sectors apply.

These services include 1 truck, covers and all needed equipment. No minimum of working hours are required.

Regular Rates

Rate B:  $75.00 / hour  :  2 movers

Rate C:  $100.00 / Hour :  3 movers

Pour un déménagement entre le 5 et le 25, à l'exception de la période du 15 au 25 juin, un rabais de 10 % par heure est offert.

Additional informations

$25.00 / hour for each additional mover

Back and forth charges depending of distance

These services include $50,000 insurance (some conditions apply), hundred of furniture covers, 2 boxes of wardrobe, mattress covers and floor covers, carts, tools and straps ...

Possible prices variations according to moving date and distance.

Take advantage of our rates
with VIP service at any time.